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        Union micronclean is a joint venture company manufacturing top quality cleanroom garment in Thailand. We combine the strength of our shareholders: Saha Union PLC as manufacturer of a variety of top quality products for leading brands in the world, Alsico as Europe’s leading manufacturer of cleanroom garments and Micronclean as world market leader in cleanroom decontamination services.

Listening to the cleanroom garment end-users and understanding their needs enables us to respond quickly to our customers demand for particle barrier, ESD, durability, comfort and cost demands.

         Union Micronclean is making the highest quality cleanroom garment in the world. Leading Japanese and American micro-electronics, HDD, automotive, and pharmaceutical companies are our customers today.

        Our products are especially designed to processes essential properties such as: filtration, air permeability, anti-electrostatic, quality and strength. We are proud that our product is durable and is able to withstand up to 100 cycles of dust-free cleaning.  The state-of-the art cleanroom garment technology has provided our garment with excellent workability and particle control. The most advanced production technique and the strictest standards quality control are applied to ensure zero defect production of these high performance garment systems. As a result of our attempt to excel in advanced quality control, we are proud to be certified by SGS ISO 9001:2015 since November, 2016.

Knowhow of the cleanroom garments has been transferred from our partner, Micronclean to Union micronclean for keeping the standardization of the manufacturing process.
The application of wearing and entering the cleanroom work environment has been adapt to our garments manufacturing area for keeping a necessary cross contaminate control.
The overview of our partner, Alsico group, which shows the expertise of the cleanroom garments development, starting from customer requirements, sampling, manufacturing, and logistic to our customers.